Why should you trust Habitable Zone?


Customers first need to trust to feel secure when buying, selling or renting a property. Therefore, it will depend on the actions that we carry out as a company so that a client trusts us or not.

For this reason, we need to create a bond, so that you feel safe, comfortable, listened to and cared for at all times.

We will be able to generate that trust in customers, since we comply with the most important points.


Our passion is to find your property and our goal is to provide the best service. We work  from the first moment to the last with professionalism and knowledge of the sector.

We take care of the entire advisory process in the purchase, sale or rental of a property. We are committed and offer all our effort to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. We firmly believe that perseverance and dedication is one of the keys to success, which is why we are committed to not ceasing to please those who trust us.


We strive day after day to offer excellence to our clients with our range of unique and exclusive properties in ANDORRA.

Our real estate experience since 2002 has made us specialize in wealth management in Andorra. We carry out a study of the market and of the properties that you want to manage with full knowledge of the possibilities of the property at a given time.


We know how important it is to trust an honest and diligent service. For this reason, our real estate agents fight to satisfy the needs of our clients by offering a personal service that is difficult to beat. 

We believe in the ability to identify with our clients in order to achieve optimal results. Empathy is the central axis so that we all feel at ease. This pillar constitutes a key piece in interpersonal relationships so that everything goes as agreed.


In Habitable Zone we are of the opinion that quality must overcome quantity.

We work to get to know the client well and offer them the properties that best suit their situation, through previous studies.

We advise you on the most important issues with transparency, making you part of the process at all times. We apply the client's demands in a personalized way, taking into account the type of property to be treated and we make sure that they obtain the greatest benefit.